Boho Eau De Parfum For Women - Fresh, Sweet, Spicy and Warm Fragrance

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Fresh, sweet, warm & spicy perfume for women, Boho by Adiveda Natural is the perfect Eau De Parfum for women who are on the quest for sweet yet sultry all-natural fragrances. 

This magical blend of scent contains features accords of cassis at the top note, black pepper & fresh aqua and a combination of mesmerizing honey and rose as heart notes in the balsamic and white musk direction at the base notes. This bestselling fragrance plays around with the image of the free-spirited Bohemian woman in you!

Characterized by swathes of printed seventies-style chiffon, macrame bag and rich hippy air, Boho is a sunny, enchantingly sweet fragrance in addition to being unique yet classic and romantic. It's floral but more modern and delicate than you'd expect. Indeed a fitting go-to choice for every occasion! Now, you can enjoy the aroma of your favorite bloom around you, throughout the year with this luxurious scent.