Womania Eau de Parfum - Fruity & Floral

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Womania evokes memories of white flowers blended with gourmand notes to give you a flashback of your summer romance. It gives you joy and pleasure to evolve your interest in tiny things in your life. The fruity gourmand brings in a distinctive aroma of vanilla & chocolate and creates a delight for the senses, bringing together gorgeous scents that are almost good enough to eat. It’s cheerful and vibrant notes are remarkably youthful. The everlasting mixture of engaging formulation creates a bold and daring discord that is at once sensuous and floral.

With top notes of fruits, this fragrance is bursting with the vigour of youth. The initial flush of summer fruits soon makes way for romantic heart notes of orange blossom and almond flower. The enduring note after dry-down is a lingering scent of warm vanilla mixed with some tonka beans and a hint of patchouli along with an extra dash of gourmand fragrance. The result is a delicious scent that is often heady and intoxicating, awakening all of our senses at the same time.

In terms of performance, longevity is moderate at 5+ hours, but the sillage is amazing with a strong fruity thrive. The sweet, floral aroma and projection are intense, leaving a floaty and warming succession that is incredibly long-lasting.

Womania is a remarkably versatile perfume, sensual and alluring enough to make a great companion for evening wear yet clean and light enough for day time. Its deliciously delicate and ambrosial fragrance is best suited to cold weather due to its enveloping warmth.

Overall, this perfume is one of a kind and beautifully indulgent perfume that could easily become a signature scent and captures the spirit of romanticism, and can definitely make you feel good as well. It is sexy, sophisticated, and adaptable enough to suit almost any occasion.