At Adiveda Natural, we are committed to your privacy and security. Here we guarantee you that your personal information will be kept private. Your details will be only used to process your order, and Adiveda Natural will not share your details with any third party.
We care about your personal information, so we only keep your records until they are needed. Our process is fully transparent so that you can know what data we gather, how we use it and where we share your data publicly.
With your permission we also use cookies for tracking performance and marketing. We also offer you the option to control your personal information.

Who We are & What our policy Covers

We are Adiveda Natural and we sell premium quality, fresh and juicy fragrance perfumes across the globe. 
The privacy policy is applied to our products “Name”. Please note that this privacy policy is only applied to this specific product not to others.
We only ask for information which is needed to process your transaction, and communicate with you for better service.

What Information we collect

As already mentioned we only keep information you provide us. Here are some information details which you provide us.

  • Account Information - We need basic information like your name to set up your account. If you want to make a purchase you have to create an account using name and Email over our platform.

  • Public Profile - If you are an existing user then we collect your information so that you can share a review or participate in form discussion. This information may be your name or any other data which you can choose.

  • Billing Information - If you made a transaction then you will provide your billing details that are required to complete the transaction.

  • Third Party Transaction Service - We use a third party transaction service “Name” for the payment process. We can’t see your Credit or Debit Card details like Card Number, Expiry date etc. When you make a payment it will be securely transmitted to “Name” and after verification your transaction will be completed.

  • Communication information - You may also need to provide your information when you communicate with our customer service for your queries.

There are some other information which we collect automatically like your location, web browser, device type, IP address, Date and Time of access, and information from cookies. 

We follow proper law and promise to never sell your information to anyone. We give our 100% to protect your information from any unauthorized access, destruction or alteration.

We hope that these points have clarified things for you and even after this you are unsure you can contact us anytime to know more.