Perfumes for Women

Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed, the quote is stated by none other than the Coco Channel. A woman wants love no matter what stage of life she is going through and that love is cherished when she smells amazing. A good perfume will unexpectedly embrace your personality, so, just grab that bottle and spray it on your body to receive love from the opposite sex. However, wearing perfume for women has a lot more significance than just flattering your beloved and it is crucial to understand that aspect. 

But, you might be wondering how to choose the right perfume for women, and to understand that in detail is extremely important before you spend those hard-earned bucks on getting that bottle.

How To Choose Best Perfume For Women According To The Personality?

Personality plays a very crucial role in fragrance categorization. Wearing the right perfume for women for the right occasion will not only give you confidence but also portrays the best of you. Imagine having a shy personality and wearing a bold scent, will it portray the right meaning? No, right which makes us address this concern.

Moving forward, let us look at different Styles and fragrances for women according to them. 

The Classic Style

Classic style is perfect for the ladies who are bossy and most of their looks are meeting and corporate house appropriate. The look they carry is clean, symmetrical, and structured. Complementing with scents from the floral family will work best for this category. Womania EDP with sweet floral-fruity notes is a perfect perfume for women of this category.

The Relaxed Style

If your wardrobe is filled with flared jeans and comfy oversized t-shirts then you fall in this category. You like going cool and comfy, and scents from woody and aromatic families will work best for you. Boho Women EDP is a sweet, warm woody perfume that is perfect for women falling in this category.

The Dramatic Style

If your outfits are edgy, asymmetrical, and bright then you fall under the dramatic style. Experimenting should be on your checklist and the best alcohol-free perfume for women will have fragrances of oriental, amber, and heavy florals in them to embrace you. A dramatic woman can get her hands-on Cupid Unisex EDP a natural perfume for women.


Following the basic trends is not on your bucket list. You like to make rules rather than following and that is what makes you so rebellious. Ladies falling under this category need to opt for fragrances of leather and gourmand. Womania EDP is the perfect sweet floral and gourmand perfume for women failing in this category.

Lastly, if you find the right personality trait and willing to complement your beauty with some beautiful fragrances then we have quite a few alcohol-free perfumes for women online. Have a look at them and treat yourself with the best.