Bae Men EDP - Woody Musky Perfume for Men

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An ultra-classic consistent with Adiveda Natural, Bae EDP - musky perfume for men is much more sophisticated and complex than most earthy, musky, woody fragrances.

Sure, it includes the typically classic musky woody notes of white musk and wood, but it blends them with other notes like citrusy bergamot and floral lavender fragrance combined with patchouli at the base to give it an unexpected edge.

Another awesome bonus is that the bottle is a perfect addition to any man’s fragrance wardrobe, boasting a simple yet timeless aesthetic. Indeed a warm, sweet, intense, long-lasting all-natural fragrance!

Bae EDP - woody and musky perfume for men stands out as one of the most alluring for men of different age groups. Why? Simply due to its versatility and because it can be worn both in the day and at night. Make people aware of your presence with this enigmatic aroma.