Bewitch Women EDP - Sweet Ambery Floral and Musky Perfume for Women

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Adiveda Natural's all-natural fragrance palettes become more sophisticated and robust with Bewitch Women EDP - amber musk perfume. Sure, we’ll always have a nostalgic soft spot in our hearts for sugary-sweet aromas, but now we crave something more, well, intense yet mild.

Explore your true inner self and your free spirit with this exclusive fresh floral musky perfume for women that opens with a blast of the sea breeze that gives you the feels of soaking the sun on a sandy beach where the sky meets the shore.  If you love to be in your most primal state of mind & smell, then this blended scent, that features base notes such as white musk and intense warm vanilla with aromatic floral orange blossom and jasmine at the heart and aquatic top notes with a touch of peach, is essential. 

Rich, luxurious, intoxicating - Yes, these words define Bewitch! You are sure to get BEWITCHED and transported to the exotic zone of timeless elegance! Indeed a refreshing move away from the usual vanillas and coconuts and surprisingly sultry! Perfect wear to enhance your formal days and the not-so-formal date nights!