Bonjour EDP - Fresh Woody Citrusy Perfume for Men

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A refreshingly authentic take on the woody perfume, Bonjour Eau De Parfum For Men by Adiveda Natural is influenced by the roots of India backed by more depth and a whole lot of character.

Given their natural notes and influences, this exclusive fresh perfume tends to have a more masculine edge. A perfect fit for the boss in you that compliments your personality, this intoxicating and alcohol free scent opens with a spicy, citrusy blast featuring rosemary, lemon, and bergamot as the top notes with a combination of lavender and coriander at the heart and fir balsam, oakmoss and earthy patchouli at the base.

A long-lasting, all-natural blend of scents, the bottle looks as sharp & stunning as it smells. This fresh woody perfume is created using organic resources which are purely natural and have no side effects, and cruelty-free.

A cult favorite, Bonjour citrus perfume has been popular amongst modern gentlemen. When it comes to woody fragrances, this scent is undeniably one that you will want to try, based on its complex yet still classic composition. Feel confident everywhere you go whether it's a meeting or a business trip or a date night with one of the best woody perfumes. Etch your presence in the memories of everyone!