Cupid Eau De Parfum Women and Men - Spicy Perfume with Floral Scent

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Since the dawn of all humans, poetry and songs, people have desired to be smelling like fresh, beautiful flowers. And, that does not mean floral perfumes have earned a reputation for being played out! Cos vintage and classic sweet floral perfume of Cupid Eau De Parfum by Adiveda Natural is the new in.

So, forget whatever pungent blend of powder and flowers your grandma smelled like back in the day. Instead have an open mind for this today's all-natural modern floral musky scent.

Play the cupid between yourself and this sophisticated take on organic floral fragrance. The notes of romantic, refreshing violets and tuberose make up the heart of this fragrance, while the musk and bergamot give it a hint of warm citrus to make it feel fresh and inviting.

And, if you're the cool babe wanting something unique and interesting to spritz on, or you're someone who loves catching up with the trend in general, this best floral perfume of the year is your go-to choice. Bottled up with all the good things about flowers and trust. It is sure to make your partner bend down on the knees!