Elanilla Women EDP - Caramel & Vanilla Perfume for Women

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Wearing fragrance is easy - A little spritz, and you’re done. But wearing fragrance adequately requires a little more skill and finesse.

Our Elanilla Vanilla perfume for women is a masterpiece with warm & sweet vanilla, musky & fruity notes that will definitely sprinkle its magic on you. It is fresh and vibrant, loaded with lots of energy and passion. It is a sweet and powerful fragrance that combines warmth with the sweet aroma of vanilla & musk. It smells beautiful and bestows your distinctive personality.

Warm and intense, amber is one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes. Celebrated for its rich, heady qualities, it is often mixed with vanilla to create a sweet, woody, and earthy tone. The opening of this fragrance is quite fresh, with a nice, citrusy scent. After a little while, this citrusy scent turns into a warmer, amber based fragrance. Added to this is a soft punch of caramel that lingers on you throughout the day. During the dry downstage, the caramel aroma starts to take the foreground, along with the amber, leaving you with a warm, saffron fragrance. Another mainstream fragrance option is a very elegant amber note, playing a crucial part. It’s a grown-up fragrance that sparkles with its fruit touches which add the right mix of sophistication and whimsy.

To preserve the integrity of your fragrance (and also ensure it lasts longer on your skin), spritz both wrists lightly, let the liquid sink in.

Vanilla is an interesting fragrance for women, as the name itself suggests, there is womanly exotic touch to this creation.
Sweet and Caramel note blend and top it off with a kick of spice. It’s amber and saffron notes shine in the wintertime. Elanilla is led by agarwood, surrounded by warm musk, and with a woody base note.

This vanilla perfume lets itself be known and can overwhelm some, but others swear by its power and cannot do without this.