Memoir Unisex EDP - Pure Mysore Sandalwood Perfume

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Smooth, rich, and essentially on the softer side, Memoir EDP - pure sandalwood perfume by Adiveda Natural is an alluring scent while being the best-sophisticated pick! This natural perfume is valued and celebrated for its woody blend of scents.

Overpowering or comforting? Well, it can be categorized as both. The intensity and richness of this unisex perfume justify the perfume’s touch of exoticness as well as the softness. The Memoir sandal perfume provides a warm woody opening with Mysore Sandalwood at the top giving way to light floral notes of violet and Geranium rose flowers at the heart. And, at the base, you would find a snap of sweet resin and balsams.

With its innate ability to offer that much-desired, popular luxury edge, this sandalwood-enriched fragrance adds more to your character in addition to ruling your day! Being versatile that it is, it forms an excellent addition to your fragrance wardrobe if you are on the lookout for a cologne that keeps you fresh all day long and spices up your nights! Indeed an affordable option that smells everything and anything sandalwood and hence, this is the scent to slather on if you seek major compliments.