Perfume Tester Set for Men - Set of 7 Perfumes, 12 ml Each

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Dive into a world of scents with our Perfume Tester Set for Men. Tailor your fragrance to match every event and easily take your favorites wherever you are. Opting for this Perfume Tester Set for Men ensures you have the perfect scent for every facet of your personality and various occasions.

Explore our Perfume Tester Set for Men, featuring a collection of diverse fragrances tailored to enhance your personality and style for any occasion:

  • Bash EDP for Men: Delve into the invigorating mix of woody and floral notes. Perfect for maintaining a polished corporate look, this scent adds sweetness and depth, embodying the essence of masculinity.

  • Musc D'or EDP for Men: Elevate your luxury with the royal, musky aroma of Musc D'or. Ideal for making a statement at parties, its sophisticated notes ensure you're the center of attention.

  • 10 PM EDP for Men: Transform any day with the beloved blend of spicy and woody notes. Designed for the minimalist, it's the ultimate choice for transitioning from office to evening gatherings with its seductively spicy fragrance.

  • Cerf Noir EDP for Men: For those who radiate energy and confidence, Cerf Noir offers a potent mix of musky, woody, and spicy scents. A staple in our Perfume Tester Set for Men, it's suited for all occasions and stands out as a signature scent.

  • Revive EDP for All: Rekindle romance with Revive, a fragrance that captures the essence of an exotic beverage. Ideal for those on the go, it offers a luxurious blend of ginger, fruits, and woods, making you smell like a million dollars.

  • Memoir EDP for All: Embrace the elegance of sandalwood with Memoir. A subtle yet sweet fragrance, it's designed to complement your charm daily. A must-have in your collection, especially when seeking a serene scent.

Our Perfume Tester Set for Men is a gateway to experiencing a spectrum of fragrances, from the depth of woody and musky aromas to the light, refreshing notes of the ocean and exotic beverages. Ideal for men who value diversity and sophistication in their scents.

  1. Perfume Trial Set for Men
  2. Set of 7 Perfumes
  3. 12 ml Each

Musc D'or Perfume
Top Note:- Aldehydes, Peach and Lily-of-the-Valley Heart Note:- Rose, Floral Notes, Geranium and Ylang-Ylang Base Note:- Musk, Wood, Sandalwood and Cedar

Bash Perfume
Top Note:- Aldehydes, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemon Heart Note:- iris, Jasmine, Rose, Orris Root and Lily-of-the-Valley Base Note:- Civet, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Moss, Vetiver, Vanilla and Patchouli

Cerf Noir Perfume
Top Note:- Wood, Spice Heart Note:- Patchouli, Ambar Base Note:- Musk, Moss

10pm Perfume
Top Note:- Bergamot, Violet Heart Note:-Black Pepper, Nutmeg Base Note:- Patchouli, Musk

Cleo Perfume
Top Note:- Sea Water contains mint, sea water and rosemary Heart Note:- Lavender, Jasmine, Geranium and Neroli Base Note:- Oakmoss, Musk and Sandalwood

Revive Perfume
Top Note:- Mandarin Orange, Ginger and Pink Pepper Heart Note:- Vetiver, Patchouli and Sandalwood Base Note:- Musk, Birch, Tonka Bean and Styrax

Memoir Perfume
Top Note:- Mysore Sandalwood Heart Note:- Violet Flower , Geranium Rose Base Note:- Sweet resinous , Balsams

How To Use

Step 1: Spray the all-natural perfume by Adiveda Natural on your pulse points from a distance of about 12 inches, each time you spray. This helps the scented mist to step up by a notch higher.

Step 2: Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points like your wrist, the back of your knee, neck, and underarms.

Note: For excellent results, you can also re-spray this organic, mild, and non-allergic aroma at regular intervals throughout the day.

All Perfumes Are Natural & Alcohol Free

Marketed By: Adiveda Natural Harit Vihar New Delhi 110084 India

Manufactured By: Adiveda Organic Harit Vihar New Delhi 110084 India

Country of Origin: India

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