Perfume Trial Set For Men & Women Combo Set of 9 - 12ml Each

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Elevate your every aromatic experience with the highest quality luxury perfume for men by Adiveda Natural. The delicate yet fruity-floral perfume box set for Women creates a smooth whirlwind experience of cheerful, originality and shining moments.

Gift yourself or your loved ones with this beautiful gift box set of fruity aromatic perfumes and evoke their memories of a dreamy floral field with dancing flowers and flowing sand.

These bottles of happiness embody possibilities that inspire and liberate your senses to capture the essence of masculinity. When spraying the perfume, focus on the strategic pulse points all over your body. By doing this, you can increase the longevity of the fragrance. The important pulse points which you need to focus on are the collar bone, inside your elbow and wrists, behind knees and ears, and on the chest and torso.

Avoid areas like underarms, near your eyes, and around your genitals. Keep a distance of 10-15 cm while spraying and ensure that you don’t rub your wrists as by doing this, you can destroy the structure of the scent and keep your vanity special bottle into a cool, dark, and dry ambiance.

So get ready to stay fresh and positive all day long with these beauties!