Selfish Eau De Parfum - Floral Romantic Perfume For Women

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If you have forgotten yourself among the people you love and care about, then Selfish Eau De Perfume for women by Adiveda Natural is all you need! A gentle reminder to all the women out there that you must celebrate yourself and arouse the free spirit in you! Each spray of this best-selling fragrance is reminiscent of your effervescence, confidence, strength, and integrity.

After all, when you love yourselves you reciprocate the same vibes to others. It indeed is the right moment to immerse yourself in this sophisticated harmony of peony petals and luscious fruits, infused with the naturally fragrant rosebuds, iris, and the lilies of the valley and the depth of white woods and amber.

In fact, sometimes, being SELFISH is good! It’s heavenly classic fragrance serves as the perfect fit to be worn on your date night with your bae! Smell sensual and irresistible like a diva.

And, whether you are a strong-headed corporate chic or a creative craftswoman who is organizing her universe of innovativeness, this is the ideal must-have scent for all. Let this beautiful natural mix of romantic notes bring alive your vibrancy! Prioritize yourselves by loving yourselves and what better than Selfish EDP - floral romantic perfume for women to assist you in doing so.