Skyhigh Men EDP - Fresh Aqua Oceanic Perfume for Men

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Wanting to feel refreshed all day long? Well, here is what you can do. While we can't bring to you the freshness of the sea at all times, the least we could do is make you feel like you are near one! Dive into the fresh, aqua, all-natural perfume for all cologne of Skyhigh Men EDP - Oceanic perfume by Adiveda Natural. 

The sparkling oceanic & classic blend of scents features the exotic top notes of sea breeze and citrus with aquatic and green heart notes amalgamated with amber and musk at the base. From uplifting your moods to arousing your sensuality and ruggedness to making you smell clean, fresh, and irresistible, it does it all!

Embrace the wave of vigor and energy with open arms! This fragrance shall bring along an aroma of the Mediterranean island blended with that of the sun, the earth, and the sea. In other words, it brings you a hundred steps closer to nature! We ensure to give you that proper sea breeze feels. A long-lasting aromatic delight indeed! Be it long sporty days or a day filled with formal business meetings or light evenings with family and friends, you may have just found your go-to choice.