10 perfume tips to hold on to

We all feel that wearing perfumes requires no master technique, and it is a task for mere sprays. We often blame the perfume sellers for not delivering long-lasting scents. No matter how luxurious the perfumes we buy, they do not last more than 4-5 hours. Moving forward, have you ever wondered how wearing perfume the right way can keep it long-lasting all day? Well, if not, or even if you have once in a while, then we at Adiveda Natural are here to share the ten best tips for applying perfume correctly. After all, you are entitled to making the most of that luxurious bottle of yours. So, make sure to stick to the end if you seek results from the invested money. 

10 Perfume Tips Everyone Must Know

#1 Always take a shower before spritzing it on. 

Every picture gets painted on a clean canvas, right! Similarly, spraying on perfumes require something similar, too. You may want your scent to hug your skin for a considerable period! In such a case, always start with a clean canvas. Clean your body by taking a good shower. Once you dry yourself, then spray your scent on it.  

Further, you can choose natural, non-alcoholic perfumes that do not harm your skin and are long-lasting. Adiveda Natural brings forth such skin-friendly fragrances ensuring your wellbeing.

#2 Moisturize Your Skin

Well, people with oily skin are blessed here. Do you want to know why? Because perfumes tend to smell great on oily skin. The oils present in our glands soak the fragrance and make it smell intense and aromatic. But, if you are not in the category, moisturize your body with unscented cream lotion or body butter. It will give you hydrated skin so that natural perfume stays for long. 

#3 Apply Petroleum Jelly 

If you suffer from super dry skin, then petroleum jelly is your guardian angel. Apply petroleum jelly on your pulse points for better oiliness on the skin. Mind you, not greasiness. Take a Q-tip and apply perfume on the right spots. Keeping this point in mind, let us swipe to the next one. 

#4 Spray Perfume on Pulse Points

If your question is how to make a perfume last longer, then the answer is pulse points. Pulse points are those points in the body where the skin is closest to the arteries. The heat generated from the body makes perfume work long and aromatic when sprayed on these areas. Spray organic perfume on these points to linger it for a long.

#5 Never Rub your Wrists 

Okay, we understand that you like doing it, but in the real world, it is worse. Rubbing wrists causes friction, due to which the perfume notes break more than often. The fragrance reactions are disturbed and smell not so good. Apart from these, it will disappear faster so best is to avoid it. 

#6 Maintain Distance

Always maintain a distance of 5-7 inches of non-alcoholic perfume away from the skin. Maintain distance! It will prevent large drops on your skin. Reason being that these can lead to an overpowering smell. A little bit of space works great. 

#7 Don’t Forget your Hair 

Your hair holds the scent of organic perfume more than your skin. Spray the non-alcoholic perfume on your comb, and then let it run through your hair. Using this perfume tip will give you fresher hair. 

Tip: Always wear fragrances on freshly-washed hair because natural oils in your hair can affect the scent of the perfume. 

Many women like to spray a little on hair then wrap it up in a ponytail for some time. After a few minutes, they pull it down for quite a fragrance. 

#8 Try to Avoid Perfume Sprays on Clothes

Always spray fragrance on your skin and not on your clothes. The perfume contains ingredients that can leave stains on some fabrics. Also, make sure to wear your clothes only when the perfume sprays dry on the skin. 

Try to avoid spraying perfume on jewellery. It will take off that lustrous shine of it. 

#9 Store Scent Bottles in the Right Place

If you feel that keeping your luxurious scent in the bathroom is the right choice, you are wrong. We know that storing perfume in the bathroom is convenient, but varying temperatures and moisture can ruin it. 

The compounds present in making perfumes are often disturbed, due to which either fragrance disappear, or they smell like a blunder. However, to increase the shelf life of your scent, make sure to store it in your vanity table or box that comes along with it. 

#10 Avoid Wearing Too Much Fragrance

This one is last on our list of how to apply perfume but is essential. People tend to ignore the fact that too many scents can make them smell powering and not aromatic. While spraying perfume, most of us spray in excess, due to which our look becomes overpowering. The best thing to do is follow the rule of 3 sprays while wearing perfume. This technique ensures that you smell aromatic but not overpowering.

We know it was quite a dose to adopt but trust us, it is all worth it. Following these tips will ensure that you make the most of every spray of your perfume. Also, we hope that this article will help you in the long run. Wear our collection of natural perfumes and smell aromatic like never before. 

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