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You might be wondering that perfume is the easiest step in your everyday journey and all you have to do is just spray it on. So, what is the point of discussing it? But, if we break it to you then probably you are wearing that expensive luxury bottle in the wrong way. 

We all feel that storing the perfume bottle in the bathroom is one of the convenient things to do because after the shower it can be sprayed on easily. However, the truth is, whatever wrong action you perform with your perfume you lose the longevity of it.  For instance, have you ever noticed that no matter how good perfume you choose, it lasts on you for only two hours? This might be because of the wrong storage and application. However, we would suggest you not to worry because today we will give you tips for applying perfume that will allow you to make the most of that beautiful perfume bottle.

Tips for Applying Perfume

#Check the concentration of your perfume

Whenever you visit a perfumery, you will be overwhelmed to see thousands of bottles, but which one is perfect for you is something that confuses you. Perfumes are divided into many types depending on the concentration of essential oils in them. Some labels might explain 15% and some might say they carry 25%. You have to pick the one with the most concentration named Eau De Parfum. EDP’s are the category of perfume with the highest concentration of essential oils and they usually stay on for 6-8hrs. We know it will carry a hefty price tag but trust us it will be all worth it. 

#Always go for a clean canvas

People always misunderstand the concept of how to apply perfume. They think that perfume is only meant to hide bad odor but in reality, perfume is a lot more than that. Spraying perfume on a not-so-clean body can lead to disturbing the notes and making its smell different. So, always prefer to start clean. Take a bath and then spray perfume.

#Always apply perfume after unscented body butter

Okay, so this is probably the reason for two of your major mistakes, one not moisturizing skin properly and the other clogging it with another scent. Perfumes require an oily base to smell fragrant and intense for long. You might have seen that perfume on your friend stays all day long but on you merely an hour. It is all because of oily skin. People with oily skin are blessed here because perfumes work heavenly on them. However, if you don’t have oily skin then apply moisturizer but make sure not to mask it with another scent. Masking perfume with another scent can lead to disturbance in your original perfume so you are savior is unscented body butter. 

#Spray It on your Clothes

Yes, you heard it right, go ahead and spray it on your clothes but make sure it doesn’t stain your outfit. Clothes are made up of fibers and they can lock perfume in them for a long. So, next time if you want that extra freshness then go ahead and spray it on.

#Always prefer spritzing and not misting

Yes, we know that spraying in the air and walking through it is all fancy but we are sorry to break it to you that it is not right. By doing this process, you are wasting that precious scent of yours. The best you can opt for is applying it to your bare skin.  Trust us, follow this perfume trick and make your perfume last longer. 

We hope this article may have helped you to understand tips for applying perfume. Also, you can shop our latest collection of natural perfumes for men and women.

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