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When temperatures soar, your body tends to perspire more. And, so do your feet. So, how can you avoid smelly/stinky feet? To identify the solutions other than using a foot spray, let us understand the causes, first. We at Adiveda Natural shall take you through 4 ways to achieve refreshing and pleasant-smelling feet! 

Before we do that, let us study the main causes behind the foot odor. One of the major reasons why your feet stink is your closed-toe shoes! Another one is due to the hot weather. This is one time when sweating equals foot odor. Other significant reasons include minor or major foot infections such as athlete’s foot. This is exactly where a foot spray comes to the rescue.

Why Do Foot Infections Happen

Research has shown that foot odor and general infections occur due to the fact that bacteria grow on your skin and in your shoes. Why? Because they live on your skin and eat your sweat. This produces an acid byproduct. It is indeed something that smells unpleasant. 

Bacteria, fungi, and other bugs love heat, moisture as well as darkness. And, you will not find it surprising that the inside of your shoe proves to be the best place for this to happen. 

How To Avoid Smelly Feet

1. Soak Your Feet

You must clean your feet thoroughly! Whether you do so with our foot spray or through rinsing them in a quick shower. We hereby recommend you to use our foot odor spray to keep your feet clean, refreshing and infection-free. On the other hand, we say you soak your feet in a mild but effective mixture of vinegar and water. Or, even better if you can make a mixture with Epsom salt and water.

The Process Of Making This Foot Deodorant Mixture

For a salt soak, all you have to do is dissolve half a cup of Epsom salt in the usual tubs. Or, you can even use a  large bowl of lukewarm water. And, after that, soak your feet for about 10 to 20 minutes. Why do we use Epsom salt if you wish to ask? Well, that is because it pulls the unwanted moisture out of your skin. And, this in turn, makes the place a less-welcoming one for bacteria to survive. 

Vinegar Foot Soak - Foot Spray

For a vinegar foot soak, mix two parts of warm water with one part of vinegar in a tub. Or, like we said, opt for a large bowl of warm water. After that, keep your feet immersed for 15 to 20 minutes at least once a week. You can employ either white or otherwise, apple cider vinegar for the process. Why use these ingredients? Vinegar turns your skin inhospitable to the stubborn bacteria. We would like to caution you here. Please do not employ this soak if your feet have developed burns, open sores, scratches or minor or major cuts. Or, in another case, if the soak happens to irritate your skin.

If you wish to only shower, you must clean your feet - in between the toes, too. 

2. Keep Your Feet Dry

Irrespective of what method you opt for, make sure to dry out your feet properly. Yes, of course, after you bathe, soak, or swim. Why? Because bad odour takes birth at a place of moisture. Thus, it is indeed important to keep your feet alongside the shoes and socks as dry as possible.

Do your feet become sweaty eventually as the day goes on? If yes, carry an extra or fresh pair of socks in your bag. This way, you can change your socks during break time, lunchtime or post your workout.

Other steps also include employing a foot spray. You can even assist yourselves in keeping your feet dry via opting for socks made of cotton. Or, wear shoes made out of natural materials. For instance, such as cotton, or leather. Now, these natural constituents permit the moisture present on your feet to evaporate. On the other hand, man-made materials like nylon (or plastic) lock in moisture.

3. Disinfect Your Shoes

Do your shoes stand surrounded by a green and stinky cloud of odor? Even when you’re not wearing them? Fret not! You obviously do not have to throw them away. All you have to do is wear our Foot Odour Spray before you put them on. Or, the other way is to employ a general disinfectant spray to take care of the ever nasty stinks. Yes, only the one that your kicks emit. You can even look out for a generic kitchen disinfectant spray. Anything that comprises ethanol as well as other sanitizing constituents, which help banish the bacteria.

To Conclude

We hope we have been able to convey how you can take care of your smelly feet. Or, even prevent them. While one way to make sure of no foot odour is using an efficient foot spray deodorant like ours, the others have been talked about in the article above. Do not wait. Go for it now!

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