What Is The Perfect Way To Use Perfume Samples?

When you are planning to buy a new perfume, trying out perfume samples in the store or ordering them online is a common habit among most of us. Go to the store, tell the sales representative about the kind of perfume you want and start trying all the samples he passes on to you until you make up your mind on one. Most of us have been doing this very common and simple practice for several years. However, when we reach home and spray that perfume again, it doesn’t seem as attractive as it was in the store. This has happened with most of us, every single time we try to purchase a new fragrance.

This happens because you are probably not trying the perfume samples properly. Here are some simple tips that will help you in trying the samples correctly and finding that one ideal perfume:

Don’t overwhelm your senses: While trying the perfumes, sometimes we end up spraying 4 to 5 perfumes in the air or on the tester or on your skin and sniffing them one after the another. You might be saving time but this habit can leave your olfactory senses confused and overwhelmed. They are not able to tell the difference between two scents if too many scents are bombarded one after the another on olfactory senses. Avoid doing this by trying one tester in one day or keeping a gap in between.

Take a break between fragrances

The best way is to place an order for the perfume samples of Original Perfume Online In India and try them at home. You will get ample time with this habit and understanding a perfume becomes much easier for you. It is best to try one perfume in one day or keep a break of at least 3-4 hours in between two perfumes.

Let them reveal all notes

When you sniff a perfume while trying it, it is just the top notes that are revealed moments after spraying the scent. These top notes stay on you for a couple of hours and evaporate leaving no trace. Choosing a fragrance based only on the top notes, you will not be able to understand the notes of the scent. Let it settle on your body and reveal the notes to know the true scent.

Try on the tester

In case you do not have enough time take the samples at home and try one a day, you can try them in the store too. Just make sure to use a tester sheet for the same. Spray the original perfume on the tester sheet, let it air dry for a few seconds and take a sniff. Try to step out for a breath of fresh air in between trying 2-3 perfumes to understand them better.

Finalise on skin 

If you have a habit of trying perfumes on the skin, you should start changing it. Instead of trying all the perfumes on the skin, use a tester sheet for it. You should only spray perfume on the skin when you have shortlisted them and downsized to at least 3-4 perfumes. This way you will know how the perfume will smell on your skin without confusing your senses with too many scents.

In case the store does not have any tester sheets, you can try it on the skin as well just make sure to clean the skin using the unscented cleanser every single time. Follow these simple tips, order perfume tester online or get them from the store and try them smartly to find that one ideal perfume for yourself.

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