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In the world of perfume for men and women, we come across people who smell like living gods. Whenever we cross someone smelling heavenly, we feel when is the time for us to smell like that and others tormenting their brains just like us. However, we feel the same about celebrities and for instance, we have seen the news where several Hollywood celebrities compliment Rihana’s female perfume. Indeed, we are jealous but trust us, it is not difficult to smell amazing like her, all you need is a little bit of observation and research. Once you find your signature scent you will be good to rock. And, we are here to hold your hand and walk you through the passage of perfumes with all the information required.

Discover Your Notes

Any bottle of perfume you buy will consist of different notes. But, what are Notes? The notes are the heart of perfume and they determine the overall scent. These notes consist of three layers varying from the base, top, heart preferably, and they work together to give out a specific smell. For instance, you will accompany yourself with floral notes in the best perfume for men and women having fragrances from rose, lily, and geranium. On the other hand, there can be fruitier scents with undertones of apple or peach. In the category of Exotic perfumes, you will find fragrances with the smell of cinnamon and star anise. Similarly, male perfumes come with heavier notes of musk whereas female perfumes have more of a floral and fruity feel. The easiest way to discover yours is by exploring around, smelling different ingredients from the kitchen and garden, and then finding heart and base notes complimenting it.

Settle Upon Concentration

Perfumes you are going to choose come under four different categories depending on the concentration. It is said that the higher the concentration more will be the price. However, some of the perfume experts feel that it is fair to spend more because it is all worth it. Also, the perfumes with higher concentrations last you longer than the others falling below on the pyramid.  The first one falling on the top of the pyramid is called perfume or parfum. They are quite expensive but one spray on the wrist or pulse point will last you all day long. The second one on the pyramid is Eau de parfum it is something that most luxury houses sell and comes with a not-so-hefty price tag. Perfumes falling under this one will last you for 6-8 hours. If you are looking for something handy then eau de toilette is the one for you. It is the one that most of your neighborhood retailers sell and trust us, it is quite easy on the pocket. However, it will last you only 4-6 hours. Moving forward, the last one on our list is eau de cologne with the least concentration which makes it last only for 2 hours. 

Test The Perfume Beforehand

Testing is one of the crucial parts of perfume selection. Every human has a different body type and one perfume cannot fit all. It can either be allergic to your skin or waste on your body chemistry. Body Chemistry is how your perfume will react to your body’s sweat, moisture and temperature. It can never be the same. So, if you are thinking to buy the perfume that was smelling heavenly on your friend then stop right there because it might not work the same on you. Due to all such reasons, we suggest you get perfume samples first. It will give you a brief trial before purchasing the full bottle. If it works great on you then go ahead and grab the bigger version of it. 

If you are thinking that this much information is enough then sorry for the disappointment but it is not. It is a base to understand the basics of perfumes. However, if you are planning to buy perfume for men and women then you can get one for yourself from our natural perfume collection.

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