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As it is already said, the first impression is the last impression, women take it seriously as ever. They try to look their best by wearing the right outfit, subtle make, and confidence. But, what about smelling like freshly baked cookies? Oh, did you just forget that? Yes, you heard it right, wearing the scent that men like can instantly change the game. Every woman wants to get his pulse strike, not literally but yes in a good way, and wearing the best women fragrance can do that. 

A good fragrance can do wonders for your personality. Understated clothing can also be boosted with some nice sprays of perfume and doing that is what triggers his mind. When we talk about the science of attraction then smell plays an integral part in whether the person is attracted to you or not. However, have you ever wondered what scent he will like? We know this might be the first time you will be putting thought into it and to be your saving angel, we are happy to help!

What Fragrances Men Like On Women?

If we talk about fragrances then there are plenty of notes that he might like on you but they are best suited when you pair them up with the right amount of confidence. Speaking of which, we present you the list of scents that men like:


Smelling like wholesome yummy ice cream is probably the best choice. Vanilla is something that none of us can deny and wearing it as a scent is what will make him create memories with you. It plays on the concept of aphrodisiac which means he will like sweet and tasty fragrances on you. According to a doctor at Sense of Smell Institute, “Out of all the fragrances produced globally vanilla works wonder of all”.

Wear Elanilla EDP for women and get ready to receive numerous compliments in one night. It is perfect date wear that comes with notes of sweet, caramel, amber, saffron, agarwood, and musk.

Lily Of The Valley 

Lily of the valley is a subtle yet enchanting smell that makes every woman smell beautiful as ever. As per the studies conducted, it has been said that it can boost excitement and reduce the feeling of empathy. 

Indeed, it is said that florals are not what men like to prefer but the lily of the valley is what can turn a man's head. Other than jasmine, orchids, and violets, men also prefer the lily of the valley in women's fragrance. 

Spray some Selfish EDP for women on you and you are good to receive plenty of compliments in a night. It has top notes of peony petals, fruits, heart notes of rosebuds, iris, lily of the valley, and base notes of amber, white woods. 


Sandalwood has originated from the orient that is great to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect due to which people use it every often. For centuries, it has been used in massage oils for Tantric rituals. The fragrance of sandalwood is distinct, creamy, and soft due to which it fulfills the category of what scent men like. 

Memoir unisex EDP is a perfect fit for this category with notes of Mysore sandalwood, geranium rose, violet flower, sweet resinous, and balsam. 


Romance and Intimacy are on every woman's checklist and with the help of jasmine, women can actually be the goddess of seduction. Jasmine has been used for years due to its property of improving mood, reducing emotional stress, and low libido. It is highly preferred by Asian women as they feel that intimacy can be boosted with something like jasmine. 

Wear Bewitch EDP women perfume which comes with notes of peach, sea, Iodine accord, orange blossom, jasmine, white musk, and vanilla. 

Creating intimacy and sensuality is all easy if you know how to make him fall for you. Wear the scent that men like and make him adore you for long. Also, shop your favorite from our wide range of women's fragrances. 

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