How To Prevent Smelly Feet

Do you have smelly feet, walking shoes as well as sandals? If yes, the foot and shoe odor arise due to the happily growing bacteria and fungi. Specifically where it happens to be warm and damp. After all, your sweaty feet and shoes are one of those places they fondly love. Other than using our foot spray, here are some regular-to-use tactics for keeping the odor away from your shoes and sandals:.

Wash Your Shoes and Insoles Thoroughly

If you resort to washing and drying your socks, shoes and insoles regularly, you can keep them in a fresh state. But, also keep in mind that detergent plus heat can lower the quality of the materials in them. For example, glue and adhesives may give away! This way, you may end up having to replace your existing shoes sooner than required. To get rid of this issue, either you employ our foot odor spray or else, hand washing them with cool water is the best for shoes. Also, do not expose them to heat drying.

Wear Sweat-Absorbent Socks to KeepYour Feet and Shoes Comparatively Drier

The other trick is to wear socks made of technical sweat-absorbent material instead of cotton. This tip will help keep your feet as well as shoes drier. These fibers assist in moving the sweat away from your feet. Such that it can evaporate. On the other hand, socks made of cotton retain more of the stinking sweat. And, this way it ends up setting up a swampy incubator in your shoes for bacteria.

Dry Your Shoes Between Wearings

Firstly, never keep your shoes stored in your gym bag. Why? Because, if they happen to stay damp for long, they will provide a happy abode for the smelly micro-organisms. Make sure to provide them with lots and lots of air between back to back wearings. 

Also, ensure that you remove the shoe insoles. And, after that, stuff them with those dry paper towels such that the process helps speed drying. Another option is employing our foot odour spray. Spray it all over your shoes and on the inside too. Doing so will assist in drying them out as quickly as possible after wearing them. They work well for both - Dress shoes as well as athletic shoes.

Allow Your Feet To Breathe

Wear your shoes that are made up of breathable fabrics. For example, any pair of shoes made from materials like leather or canvas, provide enough ventilation for sweaty feet. In the same direction, you can put on sandals or otherwise, open-toed shoes that permit sweat to evaporate. On the other hand, Adiveda Natural Foot Odor Spray works the best in such cases.

Go Barefoot 

Give your feet some time to rest as well as dry out when you are placed at your home. You may want to make some effort in letting your feet feel free. Do not keep them stuffed in slippers as soon as you take your shoes off.

To Conclude

While our foot spray does wonders for your feet such that they stay odor and sweat-free, these tips are equally essential to follow. Do ensure that you follow them religiously from time to time.

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