Home Remedies To Treat Underarm Darkness

Underarm darkness removal is a task. After all, dark underarms could prove way too embarrassing at any hour of the day. Rather, any time of the year. And, we at Adiveda Natural recognise that most Indian women undergo this skin condition and fight it out. However, there is something essential that you must know. While dark armpits can be lightened using our Underarm Whitening Cream, they can be lightened at home, too. And, that too, very easily. 

Further, you do not even require a skincare specialist to reverse this condition. So, let us talk you through them. Well, here is a look at five such kitchen home remedies that can help you with underarm darkness removal:

Baking Soda

In addition to applying our Underarm Lightening Cream, you can even use baking soda. It is found in almost every Indian household. Honestly, it is the very best thing to whiten and lighten your underarms. So, what’s required? Well, all you need to do is add baking soda in water. And, mix the elements to create a thick paste. Next, you must apply this particular paste to your underarms and scrub them at least, twice a week. After you get done with scrubbing, just ensure that you wash the mixture off your armpits. Lastly, pat the area dry.

Coconut Oil

On one hand, where a lot of people do not know about an underarm whitening cream, coconut oil is the most widely available oil in the country. The reason behind it is that it's produced locally across the country. And, trust us, it is the most employed as well as useful. 

Let us talk about why you should use coconut oil for underarm lightening. To say the least, it is popular for its natural skin lightening properties due to the presence of vitamin E. Now, let us begin with the process. All you gotta do is massage your underarm areas with coconut oil daily. Leave the oil on for at least fifteen minutes. After that, rinse it off using normal water. Irrespective of whether you use coconut oil as a remedy or not, make sure to keep using your underarm lightening cream.

Apple Cider Vinegar

We have all explored the multiple benefits of using an underarm whitening cream. How about we do the same for apple cider vinegar? Let’s get going! It not only cuts the fat through but also gets rid of the dead cells. How? Because it comprises low concentration acids, which have been found to be natural cleansers. 

The process of preparation involves mixing two tablespoons each ACV along with baking soda. How to apply? All you need to do is apply this mixture on your underarm area. Next, post an application, leave it on for a maximum of five minutes. Lastly, wash it off with cold tap water when dry.

Olive Oil

Since ancient times, women have been employing olive oil in order to enhance their beauty regimes. And, that is exactly what it needs to do till date. So, try blending in a tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of brown sugar. And, tada! Here it is - You have it all ready! Your very own homemade exfoliator is now in your hands for a successful application. The process involves scrubbing it for two minutes. And then, of course, it also requires leaving it on for a few minutes. Finally, rinse it off using normal water. Please note that this mixture isn’t a substitute for an underarm whitening cream.

To Conclude

You can buy our Underarm Whitening Cream for efficient results. However, continue to practice these home remedies for underarm darkness removal on the side.

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