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Long gone are the days when you were not given a choice to use chemical-free, non-toxic, and clean beauty products like natural matte lipsticks. In the olden days, we used beauty and skincare goods filled with harsh ingredients, harmful parabens or dyes. However, now that we have the choice to give organic lipsticks a preference, it is time we stick to opting a few all-natural or herbal ones. After all, when it comes to your lips, going all-natural will prove to be great and skin-friendly. Why? Because you may end up eating most of your lipstick - the one which looks effortless on your pout. Well, don't worry! You will not have to give up on your favourite lip hues and bold finishes! Read on about the best organic lipsticks to try at the moment and how to purchase the right set of pigmented flushes minus toxins.

Did You Know?

Did you know, we at Adiveda Natural, have recently launched a natural matte lipstick gift set? If you have not checked it out, do it as soon as you finish reading this article. Our organic lipstick gift set offers you seven vibrant matte lip shades of 1.8 gm each. Plus, the lipstick gift set containing lip hues suits every girl’s skin type and personality. Other than that, they provide intense nourishment, hydration and moisturization to your lips. They are non-transferable and do not bleed out.

Additionally, they are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and comprise skin-friendly ingredients to keep your lips soft, smooth and supple. Enjoy their strong colour pay off for they are highly pigmented. Dress your lips with our trendiest lip hues - Rose Red, Cherry Pink, Toasted Almond, Hot Chocolate, Merlot Maroon, Vivid Red & Maroon Jam. These seven different shades are perfect for long-wear, can be used as cheek tints, and are kiss-proof.Β 

How To Buy A Natural Matte Lipstick?

Apart from this, we have prepared a guide to help you shop for non-toxic, organic lipsticks. And, this way, you can keep these points in consideration while you buy a clean, natural matte lipstick:

Avoid Lead-Induced Organic Lipsticks: Several celebrated lipstick brands manufacture lip shades with lead in them. In spite of knowing that lead has a toxic effect on your lips, they do. And, you may know that consumption of lead through these lip colours can lead to dangerous health issues.Β 

Look Out For Phthalates: The presence of phthalates in a natural matte lipstick can turn the endocrine system that produces hormones, upside down. Excessive exposure to it can cause severe damage to your body's neurological and reproductive system.

Organic Ingredients: In this chemical loaded beauty world, organic lipsticks made up of natural ingredients are an essential. Opt for a natural lipstick that is a perfect blend of non-toxic constituents like shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, beeswax, and castor seed oil. These ingredients hydrate and nourish your lips while being organic in nature. Also, opt for products that are highly pigmented using vegan formulations.Β 

Parabens And Other Harsh Chemicals: Most of the lipstick brands offer a wide variety of lip hues that include harmful and toxic preservatives and harsh chemicals like parabens, BHA or BHT. Moreover, they easily penetrate your skin and are said to cause breast cancer and endocrine disruption. You must avoid them at all costs. Purchase only herbal and natural matte lipsticks.

Avoid Dark Shades Unless Natural: If you are not buying natural lip shades from a trusted brand like ours, do not opt for dark shades. Why? Because most darker ones contain heavy metals in them. However, if you wish to wear one, go for organic lipstick brands only.

We hope these points help you in purchasing gorgeous natural matte lipsticks. For instance, you can buy an organic lipstick gift set from Adiveda Natural. After all, not only does it offer you supreme pigmented lip colours but also boost the collagen production beneath your skin. Further, these lip tints glide effortlessly on your lips, reduce wrinkles and fine lines around them. Feel confident and strong with our organic cum matte lipsticks!

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