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Patchouli fragrances have gained a bad rapport over the last few years. People often associate even one whiff of it with the word, ‘hippie’. However, today, we would like to change your idea of the fragrance. This natural perfume ingredient has a lot more to it than people’s characterization. Let us find out what exactly it is and where does this fragrance come from. Explore our guide to patchouli perfumes.

Patchouli perfumes comprise patchouli perfume oil as one of the scented ingredients. And, you can recognize its presence with its sweet, spicy, musky and earthy aroma. The perfume note is widely used as a base note and even a fixative ingredient in modern-day perfumery. Moreover,  you may be surprised to learn about patchouli being employed as a base note in some of the best perfumes for men and women. They are well-known, celebrated and much-loved fragrances of today.

The patchouli perfume oil gets extracted through steam distillation from the patchouli plant’s dried set of leaves. The scientific name of the patchouli plant is Pogostemon cablin. The plant can be categorised as an evergreen perennial herb native to Southeast Asia, which is upright and bushy with lightly fragrant leaves. It also has white, violet-marked flowers. However, it grows wild at high elevations in both Sumatra and Java. Also, what is even better is that it gets harvested by hand. Further, it is allowed to ferment before the patchouli perfume oil gets steam extracted and eventually distilled.

What Does Patchouli Perfume Oil Smell Like

To elaborate, a patchouli perfume oil owns a slightly sweet, strong, concentrated, and an invigorating aroma. Generally, it is known to possess a dark, musky-earthy scent profile. If you smell patchouli fragrances, it will remind you of the aroma of wet soil. 

Due to the intensity of this scent, even when you dilute a little patchouli perfume oil, it tends to last the longest on your skin. While it gets employed most commonly as a base note in scents and colognes, it has been declared as the most prominent fixative that extends the shelf life of other perfume ingredients. 

You will also discover that patchouli perfume oil blends well with several other essential oils. For instance, vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, bergamot, myrrh, cedarwood, jasmine, citrus, and rose oils. Further, it also complements the sweet scents like vanilla.

Adiveda Natural’s Midnight Senses Eau De Parfum for men and Behold Eau De Parfum for women are the best patchouli perfumes of all time.

Other Benefits Of Patchouli

For a lot of years and ever since, patchouli was and continues to get employed as a medicinal herb ingredient that further, treats ailments like skin inflammations, scars, colics, headaches, muscle spasms, viral and bacterial infections, depression and anxiety.  It is also believed to possess aphrodisiac properties.

In current times, patchouli gets used as a perfume ingredient worldwide in modern scented industrial products. These include perfumes, laundry detergents, paper towels and air fresheners. 

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