Nose :- Who are they?

The human nose not only plays a crucial part in your appearance but also performs vital functions like breathing and determining sense of smell and taste. The nose contains the olfactory organic which helps in respiration, sense of smell and clean the air we breathe. The human nose which is also known as Nez in French is a term used to describe someone who can capture the art of olfactory senses/emotions/moods, etc through fragrance compositions and capture that in a bottle.


A Nose is a person who trains over many years to develop the knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, as well as understand how the ingredients change over time and how ingredients may be altered when combined with other ingredients.


Mr. Max Gavarry (the creator of Amber by Prada, Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana and many more) says that “while creating fragrances, one needs to free their mind, not holding any imagination back. It is not only enough to think in terms of fragrances of the raw materials, but also, to think like a painter who thinks in colors or a musician in sounds”


A great nose is someone who will capture the scents of places, beaches or flowers which cannot usually be distilled to get their fragrance. One such perfume made by Adiveda Natural is Bewitch, it captures the smell of lilies of the valley as well as white lilies whose fragrance cannot be extracted from these flowers. The scent of this perfume will make and feel you fresh for a long time.


Another such fragrance is Bonjour, which is our ode to the Bali rainforest; capturing the smell of earth. This sparkling perfume has blends of orange, lavender and floral which can be smelled for all day long. Thus, a nose has to reconstruct the smell of the flower and earth by continuously smelling it for hours, days, weeks.


At Adiveda Natural the perfumes go through an in-depth process of blending high-quality ingredients to capture the desired requirements of our clients, regardless of the complexities. The ingredients which we use to create these extra ordinary and luxurious perfumes are ethically sourced and premium quality.