Coffee Beans Myths - The Aroma To Reset Your Sense of Smell

Olfactory sensibilities are the ancient and most powerful senses but sense of smell can not be overlooked. The human nose can smell over millions of scents and differentiate between them.  

When you wake up and smell coffee powers up your brain without taking a sip? Most people drink coffee because of its taste but coffee smell has its own benefits. It might affect your genes and protein.  

The fact about the human nose that they can distinguish between trillion distinct scents. This is not an estimate but the research conducted by researchers at Rockefeller University.

Coffee beans are a vital resource in perfumery. If you want to be a master of perfumery then you should not only be able to understand these smells but also manipulate them. One should provide memorable experience to customers when it comes to fragrances as they carry smell with them for a long time.

One of the common myths about Coffee is that smelling coffee beans can reset your olfactory senses. The coffee beans can cleanse your palate between smelling different fragrances. The myth is that coffee cleanse olfactory palate and prevent from experiencing olfactive fatigue.

Psychologist Alexis Grosofsky, from Beloit College in Wisconsin, U.S.A, states that our olfactive glands (glands sensitive to smells) can differentiate between trillions of fragrances through a function called “Sensory Adaptation”. 

What the research says is that our olfactory glands can adapt any smell within a time frame. Like if you live in a room your smell will differ from a room where you will return after a few days. This is the reason everyone’s home has a unique smell except our own house. Because of sensory adaptation, olfactory glands get used to perfume you wear while you can’t even smell any of it yourself.

What are the alternatives one can smell instead of Coffee?

To avoid the dilemma of olfactory fatigue you can switch the types of perfumes you are smelling. You can use coffee beans to mix it up. But switching fragrances according to their family like floral, fruity, spicy, etc can also do the trick.

If you want to reset your palates the best way to deal with olfactory fatigue is your own skin. This may surprise you but doing this will neutralize your senses and help you in analyzing fragrance instantly. And this is the way which will help you in smelling 50+ different fragrances at a time continuously.

Finally, a memorable scent is an important aspect of a quality perfume and everyone should have that power of sense of smell to recognize it. Good fragrances tie the strongest to our memory, and if you are looking to mark a lasting impression, check out our best exclusive perfume collection for both men and women at Feel Confident with real & memorable smell.