Summer Foot Care Routine

Great looking and smelling feet are every one’s point of envy. Specifically, when it is the summers, our feet remain on display most of the time this time of the year. And, it eventually becomes very difficult for us to take care of the foot sweat and odour. Plus, moreover, it isn’t easy either to keep them looking their very best in warm weather. 

Is a foot spray the only solution to keeping one’s feet looking and feeling their best? Well, while we encourage using it most of the time, there are more tricks that you should practise.  Have you tried our foot spray for smelly feet? If not, then buy it now and explore its benefits. It also helps with the athlete's foot.

Why Do Our Feet Need Extra Care

Overexposure to the scorching sun and besides, some very hot surfaces such as sand and concrete can leave your poor feet dry, itchy and even rough. So, we have listed down a few tips to guide you in protecting them from the elements! If you follow them, your feet are most likely to stay picture-perfect for the entire summer season! 

Summer Foot Care Routine

Here is all you need to do!

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week

Exfoliating your feet helps you get rid of those dry, surface skin cells. It makes them look and feel smoother as well as soft. Post exfoliation, your moisturizer will also seep in more effectively. Why? Because you have already sloughed off the flaky skin first. 

All you need to do is scrub your feet with some great budget foot scrubs. If you have somewhat dryer than usual skin, ensure that you choose a sugar scrub over a salt-based, soft scrub. Why? Because even though salt detoxifies your skin by drawing out impurities, it can also prove dehydrating.

Avoid Soaking Feet

People often have the habit of soaking their feet to relax them and make them soft. But, this is a complete myth. Contrary to what you may think, soaking can lead to dehydration of your already-dry feet. And, therefore, instead of soaking your cuties, use a foot spray. Try out ours for best results. Alternatively, you can even apply a sugar scrub directly to the dry skin. After that, wipe it off your feet with a moistened towel. 

Do Some Heavy-Duty Moisturizing

We usually over-use our heels. And, as a result, this dries the skin out even more easily than the rest of our feet. The thicker skin that our heels are also protected by is less penetrable. In other words, it will take time and effort to lock in moisture.  

For the same, you must apply a lotion, oil, or our foot odor spray immediately after you shower. It will not only help your feet retain enough moisture and hydration but also keep bad odor at an arm’s distance. For even better consequences, make sure to reapply the chosen product right before you hit the bed. You can even choose a moisture with SPF. Doing so can be your best bet.

Let Your Toes Breathe

Since your nails too are a living part of your anatomy, they need a breather periodically. This way, they will experience continued healthy growth patterns. And, of course, rid themselves of chemical residue. Our skincare experts recommend taking a break from nail polish application about at least once a month for a few days up till a week. This whole process can help you prevent nail discoloration. Especially if at all you like to use dark-colored nail polishes and keep your pedicure looking pretty.

To Conclude

Other than using a foot odor spray from a homegrown brand like ours, you must practise these tips religiously. Do not overlook it!

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