7 Skin Care Resolutions To Make in Summer 2022

Now that summer 2022 has officially begun to bother our skin, it is time to welcome it with open arms by enhancing our skincare routine. After all, if you find yourself introducing your skin to the modifications in 2022, then you are definitely not alone. We recommend you do so too. Before you start creating skin care resolutions left, right, and centre, stop! Take a moment, breathe! Recall where you went wrong with your skin in the past year and think practically. You may even want to plan about the year ahead. Read on to explore what our skincare experts suggest:

Re-Evaluate Your Skincare Routine

The definition of the right skincare routine arises from the need of suiting the correct skin type. This aspect is very crucial.Β 


Cleansing your face happens to be a general skincare routine. You can avoid a very mild and ineffective cleanser on the face. Employ an efficient face wash that suits your skin type. It should be used as required. If you are the one to apply heavy makeup, then you must clear it first with a deep pore cleanser and cotton. This is the initial step before you even use a natural face wash.Β 


Toning is a very good step for loose skin pores. You may want to favour a gel toner over a lotion. You must execute it in the night once you get done with cleansing.Β 


The last step is to moisturize the skin at night. Again, the kind of moisturizer depends on what skin type you possess. But, it should definitely include rich nourishing ingredients. For instance, you can use our Body Butter Cream.

Use A Face Serum Regularly

If you wish to achieve a glowy, evenly-toned, healthy-looking skin, then a face serum is the way to go. It definitely is a no-brainer. It has time and again proved itself as one of the most effective, targeted skin care remedies. Something that can travel a long way when it comes to hydrating as well as toning the face.Β 

How often do you use it if you may ask? You must ideally use a face serum every single morning and evening. And, trust us, when we say this - This should be one of the most prominent skin care resolutions for summer, 2022.Β 

When to use the face serum? Once you use your facial cleanser and before applying a moisturizer every morning and evening, you can apply the serum. All you need to do is apply a few drops of the serum onto your damp, cleansed skin. Use the facial massaging method to apply the serum all over the face. Only after a few uses, you will experience a more hydrated and visibly plumped skin.

Sun Protection: Whichever climate it may be, you should always take some time out to apply sunscreen. And, of course, that too with the right SPF - say, of at least 20. You must apply it on the skin daily. It is a must-do activity for people of all generations.

Further, there are other steps too that you could include for sun safety. For example, you must seek shadow, and cover up your sensitive areas. Wear shirts or tops with long sleeves. Put on full pants. Wear a hat, and even sunglasses. You can even use our Underarm Whitening Cream to protect your underarms against the harsh UV rays.

Begin an Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

You will never find it too early or way too late to kickstart with your anti-aging skincare routine. You must browse through the proper skin care products that can assist in minimizing the signs and symptoms of aging. These signs include wrinkles, loose skin, sagging skin, fine lines, pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes. We recommend you try our Anti Aging Face Serum for healthy and young-looking skin. While our serum covers your under eye treatment too, you can use eye cream separately as well. This is because your eye area is undoubtedly the most fragile area of the face. And, it requires an extra amount of care.

Do Not Ignore Your Neck And Chest Areas

We understand that you want your face to beam with brightness and nourishment, but that will not help solely. Your desire for healthy-looking skin should not limit to your face. An evenly toned skin looks good all across your face, neck and chest areas. So, another skincare resolution for summer 2022 must be taking adequate care of the neck and other visible and invisible skin areas. If you find doing so costly, use multitasking skincare products for face/neck/chest/hands. This shall make it easy for you to protect all the skin bases.

Do Not Miss Your Lip Care Routine

Establish a lip care routine. Using a lip balm or moisturizer would serve as a perfect choice. During the season, our lips tend to get dry. This also leads to us sometimes creating the pattern of licking our lips. And, doing so, can even result in dermatitis around the lips. To avoid such a result and the practice behind, you can also use a basic moisturizer over the lips.


This is an integral part of the summer skincare routine. It is yet another key to bright skin! Exfoliate the facial and neck skin once or twice a week. This will help you support the control of blocked skin pores. Moreover, it can also assist to improve the collagen production and leave the skin glowing and feeling refreshed.

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