the ultimate guide to non toxic perfumes

Perfume is a basic accessory these days, and we all love going on a little shopping spree when it comes to perfumes. We talk to people, look into advertisements, and get fascinated about big and luxury brands, but most of us skip the part that some of them are toxic, and by toxic, we mean toxic to the environment, humans, and animals. With the growing awareness of cruelty-free products, we are shifting into natural and organic products in terms of skincare and makeup. However, the hunt for non-toxic perfumes is far away, but taking care of our furry friends is equally important, and keeping that in mind today with this article, we will shower some light on the importance of switching to non-toxic perfumes. 

What Are Non-Toxic Perfume?

Our very own industrial environment is loaded with chemicals that are either being done by extracting from animals or disposed into the environment. They are not only toxic to animals but also to human life. These days we commonly see people around us suffering from skin cancer, migraine, and allergies, and the reason behind all such things is one. 

How are Natural Perfumes Made?

Natural perfumes are non-toxic and usually made with ingredients like flowers, herbs, and spices. They are made keeping in mind the idea of creating something beautiful without hurting the environment. So, if they say they have added rose oil in their perfume that means it is extracted from a rose. But, at the same time, chemical-free perfumes are made by using ingredients that are not safe for animals, humans, and the environment.

Perfume brands follow a process of extracting essential oils by using techniques like Steam distillation, extraction, and expression. The process of making natural essential oil is time-consuming and expensive in the world, due to which some of them are priced a little more. The essential oil generated is highly concentrated, due to which they become volatile. Thus, they are diluted to an extent to make perfumes. 

Notes of Non-Toxic Perfume

Different types of essential oils are used in making perfume, and they are constructed in different notes. The three common notes determined are top, middle, and bottom. Moreover, essential oils are divided into these three categories.

the ultimate guide to non toxic perfumes

  • Top Note- They are most volatile and get evaporated very easily, usually in 30-40 minutes. These notes are very sharp and makeup 10-30% of the blend.
  • Middle Notes- They are less volatile in comparison to the top note, and their aroma is established after the top note evaporates. The blend for this note ranges from 40-50%. 
  •  Base Notes- Last on the list but less volatile and stay for longer. They take time and make a blend between 15-30%.

Different Chemical Free Perfumes

After reading the non-toxic perfume guide, you might be wondering what are the best options to choose from. Don’t you worry, We are here with a list of perfumes that will be perfect for you.

Womania EDP

As the name suggests, Womania EDP fruity smelling perfume is a perfect women’s scent for all the bubbly ladies out there. It has a beautiful blend of floral and fruity fragrances. So get ready to see head turns by this one from Adiveda Natural. It will give you cherishable memories of that summer holiday with your beloved. The perfume has top notes of Fruity sweets, heart notes of Orange blossom, almond flower, and base notes of Vanilla, Tonka bean, and patchouli.

Bae Men EDP

Another beautiful scent from Adiveda natural is perfect for those men who like to go subtle and sophisticated at the same time. So get ready to enhance your personality with Bae woody and musky perfume for men. This particular non-toxic perfume has top notes of Bergamot, lavender, heart notes of white musk, woody, and base notes of Patchouli.

Trust us, and you are sorted with all the best picks for non-toxic perfumes for men and women. Also, make sure to read about the ingredients of perfume you are picking on your next shopping spree. Bonjour, Happy shopping.

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