What Does Your Natural Lipstick Shade Say About You?

Gone are those days when we were compelled to play a matchmaker with our clothes and natural lipsticks. We understand that choosing an organic lipstick has by far become more intuitive. Following this, women and men who wear makeup are more likely to pick a lip colour based on who they are. Or, what they want to be.

Vivid red? Cherry pink? Chocolate brown? Or, maybe an ironical shade of maroon? It may interest you to learn about the secrets your lips are spilling! So, here is the scoop from our natural lipstick colour psychology geniuses. They have decoded what your selection of lip hue reveals about you. And also, which lipstick should you opt for to make a certain impression. Our lipstick gift set contains a few of the following colours:

Red Natural Lipstick

The colour red is the look of boldness, sensuality and vibrance. It is the indefinite look-at-me colour. Are you a confident and fearless girl, who doesn’t let anything bother her? If yes, this is the right one for you. However, if this is your colour, you’re not actually quite as badass as you desire to be. After all, it is a signature lip colour of all the chic makeup enthusiasts for a reason.

Classic cherry red can never go wrong in a country club or a gourmet restaurant. It is indeed a ravishing colour that one can put on anywhere. Say from the pubs of Mumbai to the bohemian seediness of Coorg to the beautiful sunny beaches of Goa. In other words, it serves as the colour of a woman who is all about fun and passion. It is meant for someone who is a ball of energy, is independent and extremely adaptable. 

Cherry Pink Lipstick

You love to flaunt your femininity and girliness. You love to dress up. And, are impeccably groomed. You never step out of your house without putting on your best front. If we talk about the preferences, your world would undeniably be the candy floss world of dreams. And, it would definitely include those cotton clouds. You are dreamy and the queen of your own world. The harsh realities of modern-day living do not boggle you down. You are the smile of your family.

Pearl Pink Organic Lipstick

You possess an adventurous streak! You are more adventurous than the experimentation with classic red. Your hot pink lips are the talk of the town. Moreover, they form the desire of a domain of every woman who’s fun and flirtatious. Being bold and outgoing, you are the leader of your girl tribe. And, of course, you love to spend time with your girl gang. Additionally, nobody would dare to cow you down. Lastly, you have an innate sense of evaluating trends. In merely no time, you know how to transition from vintage chic to bohemian funk with equal énthusiasm and grace.

Vivid Red Or Rosy Natural Lipstick

If you browse through between the baby pinks and the hot red versions, you will find a rosy lip pout. Or, what we call Vivid Red from our natural lipstick gift set. Well, it is primarily used by women who love nature. And, they love to visit the outdoors. From drinking coffee amidst the greens to taking a stroll in the garden. They literally do it all. And, it is this rosiness of glowing good health that fits their personalities. You are cool, calm, and composed. We find you down to earth and confident in your own skin.

Hot Chocolate Brown Natural Matte Lipstick

We want you to forget the lavishness of the racy reds and striking pinks. Let us introduce you to the true femme fatales of brown. Or what we call Hot Chocolate Brown Natural Matte Lipstick. Women who are head over heels for these deep, moody lip colours are more likely to possess a seriously adventurous streak. They happen to rather play risky than safe. You throw love challenges at them, and they shall come out even more ambitious. They are driven as well as independent.

Merlot Maroon Or Burgundy Natural Lipstick

This lip colour provides an edgy look and feel. Alongside a hefty dose of badassness. This look and feel makes the burgundy effect perfect for women. They are edgy and applaud a good challenge. If you are the woman we are talking about, you hate to suffer fools. And, talking about trends, well, you play around with your own individual flourish.

This was all about your natural lipstick colours! If you are any of these women we spoke about, it is high time you buy our organic lipstick gift set. Well, we are not biased towards only women using these. If you are a man who loves to put on makeup, you know the shade and your personality! If not, then you know where to read about it.

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