Why Should You Use A Nourishing Body Butter

We have all heard about conventional beauty and skincare products, unlike body butters. However, have we explored the not-so-conventional nourishing body butter cream? We bet rather not. Let us break it to you! The traditional products come overloaded with a lot of harsh chemicals as well as synthetic fragrances. You may even find them with parabens, sulfates, preservatives, and other suspicious ingredients. However, natural body butter stands free of these.

In this blog post, we shall emphasize on why you should employ moisturizing natural body butter cream. Yes, to take care of feeding your skin with the seeds of hydration, health and nourishment. Adiveda Natural brings to you one such Natural Body Butter. You will be delighted to know that it contains mild plant-based ingredients alongside organic essential oils. Additionally, it houses super nourishing natural fruit butters and nut oils that moisturize. Our body butter cream can become your sure short way to nurture and protect your skin. That too in a light, safe and gentle way.

Texture Of An Organic Body Butter Cream

Natural body butter creams are thicker and richer than regular body creams. Moreover, they serve suitably for extra sensitive and even dry skin. Our Body Butter contains an adequate amount of natural moisturizing butters ranging from shea to cocoa to mango butters. Further, it also comprises natural oils such as almond, and coconut to provide a layer of protection to your skin. 

We have listed down some beauty hacks for you to practice on how to get all creative with body butters:

1. Use It As An All-Over-The-Body Moisturizer

The best time and way to use a body butter cream is after your daily morning shower or bath. This is the time when your beautiful skin is still in a moist state. Apply a bit of our rich body butter via broad massaging strokes. However, be careful! Make sure to not use it too much on your skin to avoid making it greasy.

2. Use It To Remove Your Sticky Makeup 

Apply a little bit of our hydrating body butter to moisten a cotton pad. After that, enjoy how easily you can glide it on your face. Doing so will help you dissolve the entire day's makeup from your skin. Don't get surprised! But, it is effective enough to even remove your waterproof mascara. However, it is better to avoid getting it inside your eye.

3. Use Our Body Butter On Neglected Areas Or Dry Patches Of Skin

Apply this body butter cream on the ignored parts of the body like the neckline, or lips, too. Also, make sure you cover all dry patches of skin on your body. Make sure you only warm a small amount of this natural body butter in between your palms. After that, very gently massage it in big strokes. You can start stroking it out starting from your chest upwards your neck. And, like we said, in generous strokes. Or, else you can even use a tiny bit of it instead on your lips in place of a lip balm when required.

4. Body Butter Creams Are Perfect For Dry Skin Patches

You will find several dry skin patches on your elbows and knees. Our body butter is travel-friendly. Keep our pot full of it in your carry bag, purse, in the drawer at work and other places. You can even keep it in the bedside drawer. Doing so will assist you in reaching it easily. That too at any time for you to apply and soothe your skin. 

Our Tip: It is worth every penny to buy it and even apply another layer on problematic areas.

5. Serves As A Soothing Hand Cream 

Anyone with green or dry fingers knows how your hands tend to feel after several hours of gardening. Using our healthy and nourishing body butter after thoroughly washing off the dirt from your hands. It is indeed a wonderful experience. Okay, we say, imagine you have soft digits in place of those cracked knuckles. And, no more dry palms, too.

6. The Ultimate Cuticle Saviour 

They often say you need a specialised product to take care of your cuticles. But, no it is not so. You do not necessarily need an extra one. You can cherish an instantly nourishing experience by using our all-rounder natural body butter, too. All you need to do is simply massage taking a tiny amount. Massage your way through into each nail cuticle. And, once you are all done, you can admire your freshly scented and hydrated fingertips.

To Conclude

What are you waiting for? It is high time you buy a nourishing body butter that takes care of all your moisturization needs. Don’t wait forever. Get going. Adiveda Natural Body Butter Cream is just a click away. You can order it online from the comfort of your space. Shop now!

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