Why choose natural perfume over Synthetic cologne?
A perfume can tell everything about a man and a woman. And this is true because your favorite scent signature is the most important part of how you express yourself. To do so people use different perfumes of different brands. But, the natural perfume market is growing nowadays as people are becoming more aware of the benefits of nature and the side effects of chemical perfumes.

What you spray on your body gets absorbed into your bloodstream, which means your perfume becomes part of you. This is the reason you have to choose your perfume wisely. Adiveda Natural is natural perfume creators who know natural body sprays have a high advantage over synthetic fragrance. 

Why no Synthetic Perfumes?
The perfume or Cologne which you bought from the store or contain chemicals inside them might smell magical and lovely, but they are not good for your health and skin? Do you know what synthetic items they have inside? Here are some of the ingredients which are used to make synthetic perfumes.
  • Parabens
Parabens are chemical preservatives that can disturb your body hormones balance.
  • Phthalates
These are used as fragrance preservatives, you can find this chemical in most cosmetic products. This is used to keep the scent for a long time. But they are known for carcinogen disruptors.
  • Petrochemicals 
The items which are derived from petroleum and gases are known as petrochemicals. They can create problems like itching, rashes, asthma and are not good for our planet.  
These are some of the disadvantages of synthetic perfumes. Now let's check why you should use natural body spray only?

Benefits of Natural Perfume
Natural perfumes are safe and contain no chemicals as a result they will not cause any allergy and irritation.
  • They are Hypoallergenic
They are formulated using organic ingredients which means they will not cause any rashes, breakouts and natural blends are good to your skin and health.
  • Eco Friendly
They are made using ethically sourced ingredients which means they don’t harm our environment as they don’t have any petroleum derivative.
  • They have Aromatherapy benefits
Natural body sprays are formulated using a blend of essential oils. All these essential oils have different effects on your mood. Some are calming, some uplifting and some balance the emotions. 
  • Long-Lasting and Amazing Scent 
Natural perfume creates a more persona and unique scent as compared to synthetic perfumes. These perfumes last for a long time and keep you energetic and fresh for the whole day.

So, natural perfumes are far better than the synthetic one. They have no side effects on our skin and health. These natural fragrances are perfect for a signature scent.
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