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Perfumes are vast, and exploring families under it involves time. Many perfumers have classified fragrances into different categories. And, after years of research and experimentation, the olfactive families were distributed into six families - citrus, floral, oriental, chypre, woody, and aromatic. However, one of the vastest families in this category is the floral fragrance family. The Floral family is one of the most loved and versatile amongst all. Whenever one visits a perfumery, they always find something different blended with floral scents. Today, we will guide you through this beautiful floral fragrance family and various kinds of fragrances that come along. 

Different kind of Fragrances in Floral Family

  • Green/ Spring or vegetal flowers
  • White or sensual flowers / solar flowers
  • Powdery flowers
  • Spicy flowers
  • Roses
  • Atypical flowers

Green/ Spring or Vegetal Flowers

Spring flowers, just like their names, are a symbol of freshness, joy, and happiness. Some of the flowers under this category are green and aquatic. However, we cannot use all spring flowers to make fragrances; only some, from richer sources, get extracted as natural oils. Out of all these, a few flowers qualify as muted and later get reconstructed to make fragrances. The flowers under this category are Narcissus and Daffodil. 

White Flowers in the Floral Scent Family 

White flowers are also known as sensual or narcotic flowers. They carry a beautiful combination of sweetness which is great to have in perfumes. The floral scents under this category are experimental and can be used to extract numerous blends. Some of the white floral perfume flowers are as follows:

Jasmine Flower

A natural and sweet fragrance categorized into various flavors, Jasmine Glandiforum and Sambac Jasmine, are two types used in perfume making. 


One of the most fragrant flowers, it adds expensiveness and flavor to your floral scent. 


It gets recognized as the ‘flower of the flowers’ (unique flower type) in Indonesia due to its extroverted nature and exotic fragrance. 


Gardenia is a small shrub with plenty of fragrant flowers on it. Gardenia comes from various countries like Indonesia, China, India, etc. 


As a flower of religious touch, lily is very fragrant and adds an authentic touch to any floral family perfume. 

Rosy Notes In the Floral Scent Family

Rose has been in use by perfumers for a long time now. It can be blended with notes from any fragrance family and made to smell beautiful and loved by all. Majorly two types of roses under the floral fragrance family are scent bearing, May Rose and Damask Rose. 

Geranium Rosat

Geranium rosat is native to the African continent. The leaves and the stem of the flower hold the fragrance that gets used in perfumery. 


This flower from the floral scent family doesn't deliver scent on its own. It needs to get reconstructed into essential oils that give out fragrance. 

Spicy Flowers in the Floral Family 

Spicy flowers in the floral fragrance family add a beautiful yet edgy and spicy touch to the perfumes. It is known for its sweet yet spicy fragrance that is rare and enchants the mind. The popular fragrances under this category are carnation, wallflower, and immortal. 

Powdery Flowers in the Floral Scent Family

This category of the floral family is slightly earthy and adds deep texture. It has a slightly sweet yet deep scent that offers an exotic and oriental touch to perfumes. The top picks from this floral family are iris, mimosa, cassia, violet, and heliotrope.

To conclude, the floral fragrance family is vast and smells awesome for everyone. Whenever you opt for floral fragrances, you will end up smelling numerous bottles. However, all of them will be unique from each other. If you want to buy beautiful floral perfumes, then, you may want to shop for Womania EDP and Bewitch EDP from our collection. 


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