Adiveda Natural New Perfume Launch

We all like to hold onto that same bottle, same fragrance, and same brand in our wardrobe when it comes to perfume. There is always one classic bottle that we feel works all the time. Whether you decide to wear it at a party, the office, brunch, movies or anywhere else, one always prefers traditional choices. Hence, we would like to ask how long has it been held?

When perfumers researched and looked in-depth, they discovered that people like to store perfumes for years. The possible reason stated happens to be the comfort that humans have when they own that old perfume with them. Once humans find something soothing, they sign up to wear it all day. Changing it here and there is not their thing because doing so requires time, and living in a world where life is running as fast as light, thinking of something like this is out of bounds.

However, this is the talk of one side of the town. On the other hand, if we move to the other side, some people like to change their perfume just like they change their socks. When asked why the reason shared was to get noticed, we discovered changing scents occasionally can make others concentrate on you. And, that's true.

Speaking of which, we thought to offer you something enchanting this time with our new launch of perfumes for men and women. Get ready to spend some money on our collection because we have something for everyone. 

Perfume Trial Sets 

Keeping in mind the love you have for trial sets, we are back with a bang. Alongside our range of exclusive luxury natural perfumes, we have created five new perfume trial sets for men, women, and all. So, get your thinking caps on and browse through the flagship perfume pieces of our old collection and new launches. 

Perfume Trial Set of 7 For Women - This trial set is a must-have for all the women out there. Along with the fruity and floral scents, the trial set includes charismatic spicy and woody fragrance blends. Having this in your vanity will sort all your day and night occasions. 

perfume tester set for women

Buy it now - Perfume Tester Set for Women - Set of 7 Perfumes

Perfume Trial Set of 7 For Men - A perfume sample pack crafted to suit all men, starting from fresh scents to sporty ones and ending to subtle fragrances - All of your occasions get sorted as long as you own this one in your closet. 

perfume tester set for men

Buy it now - Perfume Tester Set for Men - Set of 7 Perfumes

Perfume Trial Set for All - This particular perfume trial set offers you all unisex perfumes in one pack. If you like to keep your scents neither too feminine nor too masculine, you can try this one with some new and old mixes. 

perfume sample set for men women

Buy it now - Perfume sample Set for Men Women - Set of 4 Perfumes

Perfume Trial Set of 12 for Women - A perfume trial box that contains some of our old perfumes and some new launches. Get your hands on your all-time favorite perfume samples of Bewitch EDP for Women and Elanilla EDP for Women with our new picks like Gold Lust EDP for Women and Eleanor EDP for Women. 

perfume sample set for women

Buy it now - Perfume Sample Set for Women - Set of 12 Perfumes

Perfume Trial Set of 11 for Men -  How can we forget about when it comes to offering a wide range of fragrances in one tray. This particular perfume set for men includes 11 different scents starting from your favorite Bonjour EDP for Men and Bae EDP for Men to Bash EDP for Men from our new launch. 

perfume sample set for men

Buy it now - Perfume Sample Set for Men - Set of 11 Perfumes

Perfume For Women 

How is it possible to end our collection without some best perfume for women? Well, this time, we have kept class in mind while producing unique blends that indulge with your heart in every spray. 

Eleanor EDP for Women - Get ready to compliment all your day looks with this fresh perfume for women in the coming summer.  Also, indulge yourself in beautiful feminine notes like mint, citrus, and fruits.

Eleanor Women Perfume

Buy it now - Eleanor Women - Fresh Spicy Eau De Parfum

Gold Lust EDP for Women - Break the rules of traditional perfumery and let that gold pour on you. You are ready to compliment your night-time party looks with notes of spices and woods together.

gold lust perfume for women

Buy it now - Gold Lust EDP - Fresh Woody Women Perfume

Behold EDP for Women - Willing to add something oceanic fresh in your wardrobe? Well, get this perfume for women with notes of ocean seawater to embrace all your sporty looks. 

Behold Perfume | Leather Perfume | Ocean Perfume

Buy it now - Behold Women EDP - Leathery Ocean Perfume

Perfume For Men 

A change in man's vanity is always long-awaited when it comes to perfumes. Hence, this is the time for you to take a hunch and add some luxurious pieces to your wardrobe. 

Bash EDP For Men - Adding a few fresh and woody notes together in a perfume works great for every man. Wear this perfume with rich notes of flowers, citrus, and woody to all your corporate events, and let everyone turn their heads. 

Bash EDP | Floral Woody Perfume

Buy it now - Bash Men EDP - Floral Woody Men Perfume

10 pm EDP For Men - Cherish yourself with some deep and extravagant notes and let everyone notice you. Make sure to compliment this perfume with all your 10 pm party looks and carry along notes of spices and woods.

10PM Men Perfume | Woody Spicy Perfume

Buy it now - 10PM EDP - Spicy Woody Perfume for Men

Cerf Noir EDP For Men - To complement your energetic and confident personality, you need something vibrant. And, with this perfume, you can achieve that. Pour the sprays of musky and woody notes on yourself and get ready to be the showstopper of any event.

Buy it now - Cerf Noir Perfume for Men

Musc D'or  EDP For Men - Luxury is what our heart craves for, and having this perfume with intense notes will help us achieve the same. Spray this cologne on and rock wherever you go. 

Musc D'or Men Perfume

Buy it now - Musc D'or EDP - Musky Woody Perfume for Men

Unisex Perfume 

The exclusive range of non-gender perfumes has got launched for you. According to your mood and personality, you can shop for scents you like. 

Revive Perfume For All - Not too sweet and not too masculine, this one has an exotic blend of woody and fruity notes. Spray it on and feel aromatic like never before. 

Revive Unisex Perfume | Spicy Woody Perfume

Buy it now - Revive Unisex Perfume  - Woody Spicy and Musky Perfume

Cleo Ocean Fresh For All - Wear this minty fresh perfume and arouse that long-lost intimacy with your partner. And, let the notes give you that refreshing feel like never before. 

Cleo Unisex Aqua Fresh Perfume

Buy it now - Cleo Unisex EDP - Aqua Fresh Perfume

All impressed by our new launches? Well, what are you waiting for, Go and grab your picks before it gets all stocked out?

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