Imagining places through perfumes

Associating a perfume with your imagination of places has been a clear cut practice going on for several years now. Further, to elaborate, Picture escaping to a destination your heart has been longing for dearly is common. From it being a tropical island to a sandy beach to a wildflower meadow to towering trees in the forest, it gets easy for one to link one’s favourite fragrance. You may agree to the fact that a smell can very well transport you to the place of your delight and make it feel as if you are actually there. However, in reality, you are in the comfort of your own home. Imagining such sensory delights of your beloved location will likely result in creating more realistic perfume memories. 

Scent Triggers Memories

Scent and memories go a long way. Let us talk about what you crave at the moment. Maybe say you crave to escape to an island with salty shorelines. However, do you really need to visit the place to live this memory? Well, no. With your choice of Adiveda Natural’s Skyhigh Eau De Parfum for men, you can wake up to the refreshing aqua smell of the ocean or sea while soaking in the warmth of the sun. Even better -  Imagine how you would walk down the beach with the fresh granules of sand between your toes. And, what could be better than the wet sand making you feel it take the shape of your footstep and even change with the flow of wind. In other words, whether or not you prefer to laze around relaxing on the sunny beach while getting tanned or swimming deep into the fresh ocean waves, let your sense of smell and memory take you there.

On the other hand, if you wish to treat your wild streak with something more adventurous like a jungle excursion, you can experience the smell with our Bae Eau De Parfum for men. Now, try and imagine you are now walking ahead into a vine-covered forest among the chirping sounds of tropical birds. And, alongside brightly colored flowers, your nose. You will find them protruding from wet tree barks and if you look upwards you will discover there is a dense green canopy. Plus, you can then imagine that you are inhaling the fragrance of fresh drops of rainwater from recent ones and falling deep into the jungle. And, all of this happens while lending your ears to a quiet, slow hum of the waterfall that is nearby.

Natural Perfume Memories

Perhaps your ideal picture escape place showcases an imagery of a blooming garden filled with fresh roses, junipers, daisies, and tulips. Adiveda Natural’s Cupid Eau De Parfum for all genders can make you fall in love with the positivity of sitting amongst a fresh patch of spring flowers at the height of the spring season. You can imbibe the qualities of renewal and growth in life. We cater to your perfume memories of reliving the vibes of a heady escape. Think how you can play around those low hanging juicy fruit trees. Let the scent trigger memories. Let our natural scent remind you of the fragrant natural gift of flowers.

We at Adiveda Natural offer a range of natural perfumes for women, men and all genders. These scents hold the power of transporting you to your favourite, memorable location that keeps you enticed at all hours. They will speak softly to you and turn your fantasies into a reality. Let them take over while you relax within the comfort of your home.

Imagining places through perfumesScent and memoriesSmell and memory